Hair Extensions For Mixed Heritage & Black Women

For help on choosing hair extensions, give Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington a call on 020 7752 0620, but first, check out this advice from Junior Green on hair extensions.

Relaxing Head Massages & The Best Products

Did you know that we offer massages to all our clients as part of their experience while they are having their hair shampooed at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington?

Junior Green Named Afro Hairdresser of the Year Finalist

Top afro hair stylist Junior Green has been named Afro Hairdresser of the Year finalist at the prestigious HJ British Hairdressing Awards 2018.

Transition from Relaxed to Naturally Textured Hair

The transition from relaxed hair to naturally textured hair is not something that happens overnight so check out the top tips for transitioning your hair from Junior Green.

Junior Green’s Latest Hair Collection

Check out Junior Green's latest fabulous new hair collection here.

What You Should Know About Afro Hair

Multi-award winning Afro hair stylist and salon owner, Junior Green, gives us the facts on Afro hair and dispels some common myths.

Planning Your Wedding – Junior Green on Afro Bridal Hair

Planning and prep are crucial when it comes to creating a hair look for your wedding and this is particularly true when it comes to Afro or mixed-heritage hair.

5 Hairstyles To Try For Afro Hair

We bring you five fabulous hairstyles you'll want to try in 2018 to give your afro or multi-textured hair a fresh new look. 

New Year, New You

At Junior Green, our highly qualified stylists are trained to deliver on-trend hairstyles and hair colours to suit different face shapes.   

What Makes Afro Hair Grow

Ever asked the question ‘how fast does my hair grow?’ or ‘how many hairs have I got on my head?’ We separate fact from fiction to bring you all you need to know about how your hair grows.