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Perms and texturisers are a great way to soften unruly and frizzy Afro or multi-textured curly hair. At Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington, we can give you a beautiful perm that is easy to manage. There are many reasons women opt to relax their hair and if you have Afro hair that is hard to comb and style, rest assured you will leave our hair salon with a professional perm that results in soft, smooth and manageable Afro hair

What is a Perm? 

PermsSimilar to a relaxer, a perm helps break and reform the bonds of your hair to provide you with instant looser Afro hair that is softer, smoother, easy to comb and manage.

First, a treatment is applied to soften the natural curl, then rinsed off. The damp hair is then set in perm rods and a solution is applied to set the hair in the new shape. This is then rinsed off and neutralised.

It is possible to customise the shape and size of your curls during your perming treatment to give you slightly looser coils or very loose and wavy curls.

We also recommend that you retouch your hair every two months to reduce breakage and damage. A good daily, weekly and monthly hair care regimen is also essential to promoting hair growth for permed Afro hair.

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How to Look After Permed Afro Hair

Avoid dryness on permed afro hair by regularly conditioning your hair:  Permed Afro hair loves water! To strengthen permed Afro hair, you must condition it frequently. Even a simple cup of water is enough to keep your hair moist and healthy for a few days. Your hair will love you for it. Conditioning your ends will keep them thick and strong and they will not break easily.

Restore moisture to permed hair with professional deep condition treatment:  To ensure your permed Afro hair remains strong and healthy, we advise to visit us for a regular deep condition treatment every four weeks. At your hair appointment, you can discuss any hair concerns you may have so that we can address it thoroughly.

Applying a deep conditioner on your permed hair is a great way to restore moisture and strengthen permed Afro hair: Hair that has a regular deep conditioning treatment is more manageable, softer, less prone to breakage and frizz.

Avoid breakage on permed Afro hair by using a wide tooth comb: It is best to avoid frequent combing on permed hair in order to reduce breakage and keep the ends of your permed Afro hair healthy and strong. Comb your permed Afro hair very gently, starting from the tips to the roots. Avoid combing directly from the scalp through tangled hair as this could rip out your hair and cause it to break and become thinner.

Moisturise and wrap your hair at night to protect permed afro hair: By developing a good night care routine for your permed hair, you can ensure that your hair will be left in the best condition to strengthen and protect Afro hair whilst sleeping. Comb your hair out every night and part into four sections, finger detangle each section or comb with a wide-tooth comb. Massage your scalp on a nightly basis by using the tips of your fingers to stimulate it. Avoid using heavy or greasy creams on your scalp – a light oil or a light cream moisturiser is enough to keep it moisturised. Comb the oil or the moisturiser through your hair and braid each section. Finally, wrap your hair with a satin or silk scarf to protect the ends. Your Junior Green hair stylist will advise you on the best night care products for permed Afro hair.

Increase moisture on permed afro hair with a regular steam treatment: A steam treatment is one of the best ways to keep permed Afro hair hydrated and moisturised. Steam treatments help to lift the hair cuticles to allow better penetration of conditioning ingredients. Steaming permed hair soaked in a deep conditioner also helps improve elasticity, and moisture retention.

At our hair salon in Kensington, we have various deep conditioning treatments and keratin treatments for afro hair, permed Afro hair and multi-textured curly hair. Our treatments help to strengthen your hair and keep your hair in the best condition possible.

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