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Afro Hair Treatments at Junior Green Hairdressing Salon in Kensington, London

Hair TreatmentsAt Junior Green hairdressing salon in Kensington, West London, we have some great deep conditioning and keratin treatments for afro hair.   Whether your hair is permed, relaxed or natural, we can help to strengthen and nourish afro and multi-textured curly hair.

Black women often find that their hair is prone to dryness so treatments are a great way to target specific problems and restore moisture, maintain elasticity, prevent damage and strengthen Afro hair.

If you are after smooth, manageable and frizz-free hair, get in touch with our expert Afro hair stylists in London by calling us on  020 7752 0620.

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Keratin Hair Treatments for Smoother Afro Hair 

A keratin treatment is a semi-permanent alternative to perms or relaxers to smooth Afro hair. A keratin treatment to smooth & soften frizzy and unruly hair is a service that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is the newest craze to get frizz free, more manageable black hair. 

This fantastic hair smoothing service helps to soften the curls of black hair using the active ingredient keratin, a protein very similar to the components of human hair. Keratin works to “naturally” soften the curls in your hair, with the added benefit of strengthening and protecting your hair too, as well as reducing styling time.

Texturisers vs Keratin Treatments for Afro Hair

Hair TreatmentsTexturisers and keratin treatments will lightly loosen tightly curly and kinky Afro hair. Hair that has been texturised or treated keratin tends to me more manageable and with a looser texture.

A keratin treatment offers semi-permanent smoothing for Afro textured hair and lasts from 3-5 months depending on your hair type. A texturiser, on the other hand, offers a more permanent solution to straightening unruly and frizzy hair. A re-touch will later be needed to the new growth on the scalp several weeks later.

At our award-winning afro hair salon in Kensington, we offer both texturiser and keratin treatments. We will assess the condition of your hair and advise you on the best treatment for you.

What to Expect from a Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

Our expert Afro hair stylists in West London will apply a keratin solution to your hair before blow drying and sealing the solution to your hair using a flat iron. The flat iron is required to seal the formula into the hair’s cuticle. 

The results are fantastic! Frizzy and unruly afro hair will be transformed into smoother, more manageable hair. You will find that blow drying and styling your hair will take much less time following your keratin treatment. 

Book Your Afro Hair Treatment at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington

If you’re looking for super sleek, easy to manage afro hair, please get in touch with Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington by calling us on 020 7752 0620.