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Hair ColourColouring afro hair can be complicated and should be carried out by an expert hair colour technician. At Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington, we are specialists in afro hair, and can give you a bespoke hair colour that suits your style, skin colour and maintenance needs.

We start the hair colour process with a hair colour consultation. The essence of the conversation is for our creative team to know more about you, your hair and your desired look. We will evaluate your hair and discuss your daily hair care routine.  

If you have a particular hair colour in mind, bring in a photo of the colour so our colour experts can get a better understanding of the look you wish to achieve.

Please note:  If you desire a permanent hair colour, we will ask you to have a quick and simple skin test 48 hours before your colour appointment. There a charge for all consultations. To book a hair colour consultation or appointment, please call our Kensington salon on 0207 752 0620.

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Hair Colour Services at Top Afro Hair Salon in London

Our hair colour services include an extensive range of hair colours for your afro or multi-textured hair. Here are a few colour techniques employed at our hair salon.

  • Full or half head colours: we have a range of colour pallets to choose from to obtain the most natural looking hair colour suitable for you. Choose from vibrant reds, chocolate browns and blond hair colours.
  • Toning: Pastel or vibrant tones are run gently through your hair for an amazing effect.
  • Highlights and lowlights: This involves the addition of soft, subtle hair colours throughout the hair.
  • Balayage & ombre: This requires sweeping subtle highlights across an ombre hair, creating a three-dimensional colour effect. This technique can also be useful for fashion-centric colours such as the pastel colours.
  • All over gloss: We boost the richness of your hair natural colour by adding shine and high gloss.

When Can I Colour Relaxed or Permed Afro Hair?

As our other services at Junior Green include perms and relaxers, we are often asked how safe it is to colour afro hair after it has been relaxed or permed? To ensure safety, we suggest there be a two-week gap between chemical processes on hair. Hair Colour

Colouring your fine afro hair right after a perm or the use of a relaxer can make hair very brittle and prone to breakage. The hair colour experts at our afro hairdressing salon in Kensington will assess your afro and multi-textured hair that has just received a perm to know when it is ready for colouring.

Afro Hair Colour Care Tips

Continuous care for your coloured afro hair will keep it healthy, shiny and long-lasting. We recommend using a colour protection shampoo and conditioner that are free of sulphate for washing coloured afro hair, to avoid colour fading.

Keep coloured hair away from heat appliances such as hair dryers and curling wands,  and if you must use them, use a hair product that protects hair from heat damage.

Colour Correction for Afro Hair at Award-Winning London Salon 

The process to fix hair colour damage on afro hair can be very complex and doing it yourself at home may only complicate things further. If you are in need of a professional hair colour correction service, please visit Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington where our expert hair colour technicians will use their skills and experience to bring your hair back to beautiful condition. Our hair colour correction treatment is custom-made.  There a charge for all consultations. 

Book Your Hair Colour Appointment at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington

At Junior Green, we have you covered for all your afro, and multi-textured hair needs at our award winning afro hair salon in West London. To book a hair colour appointment, call us on 0207 752 0620.