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Weave Hair Extensions at Junior Green Afro Hair Salon in Kensington, London

Weaves & ExtensionsJunior Green Salon is a leading hair extension specialist for Afro and multi-textured hair. We offer a full range of hair extension and weave services for Afro hair at our West London hair salon.

We use quality and long-lasting hair extensions for Afro curly hair that look and feel natural and are easy to wear. Our hair extension services include clip-in hair extensions for Afro hair, pre-bonded Afro hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions for Afro hair and much more. 

Our award-winning black hair stylists are qualified and trained to fit all types of hair extensions and weaves to the highest possible standard. You can bring your own hair extensions or use the ones provided by our expert Afro hair extension stylists.

For more help on choosing hair extensions, give us a call on 020 7752 0620.

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Different Types of Hair Extensions for Black Hair

At our Afro hair salon in West London, we can fit both Remy human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions on Afro and multi-textured hair. The choices for black hair extensions are endless. Choose from weaves, twists, braids and flat twists – feel free to bring a picture of a style you like and we can replicate it.

Two Strand Twists on Afro Hair

Twists work best on Afro hair and are a great way to protect your natural Afro hair. Twists on natural hair can last for weeks and require minimal touch-up.

Weaves for Multi-Textured & Afro Hair

Weaves are another great protective style and come with the added benefits of versatility. Weaves can be straight or curly, they can be cut and styled to suit your face shape and personal look.  It’s also free from daily manipulation and very easy to maintain.

Flat Twists for Afro Hair Types

Flat twists are created with two sections of hair twisted across the scalp. Flat twists offer versatility and work equally well on relaxed, permed or natural hair. If your hair is long and the twists extend past your neck, they can be styled into a slick bun for a classic and professional look.

Clip In Hair Extensions for Black & Bi-Racial Women

We offer the best clip-in hair extensions at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington.  Book in for a consultation so we can work out the perfect look for you – whether you want length or volume, or both!  Please note:  There a charge for all consultations. 

Braids for Black Hair

Our afro braiding specialists can braid your natural hair or you can opt for braids using hair extensions. Similar to twists braids carry the benefits of protecting your natural hair from environmental damage and excess styling.  For more help on choosing hair extensions, give us a call on 020 7752 0620.   

The Benefits of Hair Extensions for Afro Hair

Wearing weaves and hair extensions on natural black hair come with many benefits:

Protect natural afro hair by wearing hair extensions

Hair extensions take on the daily wear-and-tear that your natural hair would have endured had it not been protected. By wearing hair extensions, your natural hair is protected from harsh elements such as weather, too much heat styling, too much sun exposure, and materials from clothing that can cause friction to natural hair. With human hair extensions, you have the freedom to style your hair extensions using heat-based appliances without fear of damage to your natural strands.

Transition from permed hair to natural hair using hair extensions

If you want to transition from permed or relaxed hair but do not want to cut your hair, why not try hair extensions? Wearing hair extensions can provide an easier transitioning period to help you gain more confidence in your looks until your natural hair grows out. 

Spend less time styling afro hair

Hair extensions and weaves are a great choice if you have a highly active lifestyle. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to spend styling your hair and are looking for low-maintenance options.  If so, hair extensions allow you to keep your glamorous look without spending precious time styling Afro hair.

Grow natural afro hair

Hair extensions can help you grow your natural hair because the hair extensions will protect your natural hair from too much styling and manipulation, which can cause breakage.

Add hair colour with afro hair extensions

We can colour your hair extensions which means you can experiment with colour (and a new hair cut!)