What Makes Afro Hair Grow

All You Need To Know About Growing Your Hair from the Hair Experts at Junior Green Afro Hair Salon in Kensington

afro hair salon, south west londonWant to know what makes hair grow? Learn from the hair experts at Junior green Afro Hair Salon in Kensington. Our professional afro hair stylists bring you all you need to know about how your hair grows. Continue reading to find out more.

What is Hair Made From?

Hair is made up of 3 layers: the medulla, composed of a core of central cells, a layer of protein fibers called cortex, and an upper layer of keratin cells called the cuticle.

Hair starts to grow in length as more cells are generated and push through the skin. When it eventually pops through to show on the scalp, the hair is already dead, which is why you can’t feel anything when you get your hair cut!

Hair does not grow indefinitely, but has a cyclic growth, which is called the hair cycle. Each follicle has its own cycle, independent of those around it. In the follicle new cells are born that accumulate on each other, pushing the strand of hair out of it. Strictly speaking, the hair we see outside the scalp is “dead”.

Why can’t I grow my hair longer? 

It is our genes that dictate how long we have the hair or how thick. 

afro hair salon, south west londonHair is genetically prepared to perform about 25 cycles with a duration of about 4 years each. A cycle is defined as the process of birth, development and death of the hair.

Each hair follicle has its own independent cycle, with respect to the other follicles around it. Growth is faster in young people than in older people.

If you have ever wondered why your hair only seems to grow to a certain length and then stop, chances are you have flat hair follicles! Regardless of the shape of your hair follicles, as your hair grows and gets longer it also gets heavier until the follicle gets too heavy to hold and sheds the hair. Don’t panic though – it will grow another!

How to grow your hair – tops tips from Best Afro Hair Salon in Kensington

For healthier hair, we suggest regular hair cuts and deep conditioning hair treatments. Although this will not make your hair grow faster it will prevent breakage, therefore increasing length. Also make a note of the following:

  • Drink lots of water an consume plenty of vegetables, especially lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and fruits, as they provide vitamins and minerals. 
  • Take supplements to help nourish your follicles and encourage hair growth
  • Use a gentle shampoo that gently exfoliates the scalp

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