What You Should Know About Afro Hair

What You Should Know About Afro Hair – Expert Advice from Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington

afro hair salon, south west londonMulti-award winning Afro hair stylist and salon owner, Junior Green, gives us the facts on Afro hair and dispels some common myths.

Afro hair is not stronger

There’s a common misconception that Afro hair is stronger than other hair types, but, in fact, it’s the most fragile and more prone to breakage. In its natural state, Afro hair loses lots of moisture, making it essential to apply plenty of moisture-rich products and treatments.

Avoid products with high levels of alcohol, as these will actually dry out the hair and scalp. We also recommend a regular in-salon protein-rich treatment every two weeks.

The scalp also needs attention as it, too, is prone to dryness, so we recommend regular application of natural oils to moisturise. We also recommend our clients always use a wide-tooth comb when brushing hair, as this won’t snag and cause breakage.

Weaves can cause damage

Many clients believe that weaves actually protect the natural hair and help it grow stronger – this is not true! Extensive use of weaves actually puts excessive pressure on the hair line, particularly if weaves are constantly reapplied in exactly the same way.

At Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington, we always advise clients to have a break between applications, during which they should have regular moisturising treatments to help reconstruct and strengthen the hair. If clients do want regular weave applications, we also advise placing the weave in a slightly different place each time, so that the same part of the hairline isn’t being put under constant pressure.

You can relax afro hair too frequently

Afro hair doesn’t need to be relaxed every four to six weeks – that’s excessive. The frequency at which hair needs relaxing depends on how naturally textured or curly it is – the less textured it is the longer you should leave between relaxing treatments. Even for the most textured hair, we would only recommend relaxing it every 12 weeks.

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