Transition from Relaxed to Naturally Textured Hair

Making the Transition from Relaxed to Naturally Textured Hair at Top Afro Hair Specialist Hairdressers in Kensington

After years of relaxing their hair, an increasing number of clients who visit Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington are embracing their hair’s natural texture.   However, the transition from relaxed hair to naturally textured hair is not something that happens overnight.

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Junior Green’s Tips on Transitioning from Relaxed to Naturally Textured Hair

transition relaxed hair to natural afro hair, junior green hair salon, kensington, londonIt can take several months to grow out chemically treated relaxed hair. Any client making the transition from relaxed to naturally textured hair will need to book in with their Junior Green stylist for regular trims to remove any frayed ends and to gradually cut away the chemically-treated hair.

During the transition period, it can be difficult for clients to style their own hair so that it remains a statement they can be proud of. Certain styles are ideal for working with the mix of relaxed and naturally textured hair. We advise clients to experiment with braids, buns and Bantu knots

Clients will need to take extra care of their hair during the transition period. The point where chemically treated and naturally textured hair meet can be particularly fragile and prone to breakage. We recommend a keratin treatment to help strengthen the protein bonds in the hair, along with deep conditioning treatments once a week to maintain health and moisture levels.  Check out our hair treatments for afro hair here.

Hair is more fragile during the transition so we also advise clients to avoid heat styling as much as possible. Excessive heat and too much manipulation of the hair can lead to breakage, which can set the transition to natural texture back months.

At our afro specialist hairdressing salon in London, we give our clients a detailed hair consultation where we make you aware of the commitment needed to transition your hair. Hair grows at around half an inch per month, and curly hair can appear shorter so that the client feels it’s not growing at all.   Patience is vital for a successful transition.

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