What Makes Afro Hair Grow?

All You Need To Know About Growing by Junior Green Afro Hair Salon in Kensington, West London

How many hairs do I have on my head and how fast do they grow? These are some of the questions most asked by our clients. At  Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington, our hair stylists are experts in the field of hair care & maintenance and can advise you on how to grow your hair and the best hair care products to grow hair.  

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Why can’t I grow my hair longer?

What Makes Afro Hair Grow?The average human has around 100,000 hair follicles on their head, and the rate of increase for each hair follicle is ½ inch in a month and 0.35mm in a day. Your hair strand is made up of three layers – the cuticle, medulla and cortex. The cortex and medulla hold the pigment responsible for hair colours.

Diet, hereditary and hormones play a part on how fast hair grows. We often hear pregnant women say their hair feels thicker and stronger – the reason is due to the extra hormones that come with pregnancy.

If your hair does not grow beyond the back of your neck, then you most likely have flat follicles. Flat follicles grip hair loosely, and this leads to shorter hair lengths while round follicles have a very firm grip on hair, allowing for longer hair lengths.

So, your inputs do not count when it comes to how long your hair will grow. As your hair becomes longer, it becomes heavier and gets too thick for the follicles to hold, so they shed it and then grow another.

Why Haircuts Are Painless?

Isn’t it strange that haircuts are painless, do you just stop to think why? Well here are more facts. Hair grows and pushes out through the hair follicles to the skin. Hair growing from the roots of the follicle contains cell proteins gathered from the blood vessels in the scalp. As the hair picks more cells proteins, it becomes longer, pushing out through the skin.

The hair shaft, which is made of keratin, appears through the skin when very long but when it becomes noticeable on the scalp, it is already dead, and that is why haircuts are painless because you are cutting dead cells.

How to Grow Your Hair – Tops Tips From Junior Green Afro Hair Salon in Kensington, West London

What Makes Afro Hair Grow?While your inputs may not help our hair grow any longer, they surely speed up the growth rate. The hairstylists from Kensington afro hair salon bring your essential tips for promoting hair growth and having a healthy hair, they include:

  • Taking supplements that nourish the hair follicles
  • Eating food rich in zinc, iron and protein
  • Using shampoo that is not harsh to your scalp
  • Having regular haircuts

What Causes Damage to My Hair?

Many habits lead to hair damage, such as contact with chlorine through swimming, frequent use of heat appliances and using shampoos that contain silicone. These habits leave hair shafts dry and prone to breakage – discouraging both fast hair growth and growing very long hair.

Using the right hair care products – the ones suitable for your hair type and texture promotes healthy hair. If you do not know the right products to use for your hair, you can talk to our hairstylists, and we will give expert suggestions. You can also come in for our deep conditioning hair treatments, for glossy and healthy hair.

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