Festival Hair Ideas For Afro Hair

Festival Hairstyles by Junior Green, Award Winning Afro Hair Salon in Kensington

Summer festival season comes along with the finest headbands, hairstyles and hair colours on display. When it comes to styling Afro textured hair for festivals, there are many choices. From honey blond hair colours to braids & top knots, the hairstylists at  Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington, reveal the best summer festival hairstyles for Afro hair.

We use the trendiest hairstyles and hair colours for Afro hair to create an edgy look that will help you stand out during the holidays. Give us a call on 0207 752 0620 to schedule an appointment.

Bold Festival Hair Colours for Afro Hair

Festival Hair Ideas For Afro HairIf you are new to hair colour and not sure where to start, the summer season is the best for trying new hair colours. A sultry red or a copper colour shade is an ideal summer hair colour for Afro hair  – it is a bright and bold standout hair colour. 

If you want to go gentle on hair colours, a honey blonde balayage and ombre hair colour is a good start and a very popular hair colour for Afro hair. 

Top Knots for Summer Festivals

 Festival Hair Ideas For Afro HairFor festivals, we recommend hairstyles that keep hair off your face and neck as most summer festivals are held outdoors.  You can wear a messy look with an everyday upstyle or top knot if you have natural Afro hair, permed or relaxed Afro hair. Make sure your relaxed or permed hair is retouched in time for your festival to keep your regrowths from frizzing out from so much heat. 

Braids & Plaits at Junior Green Afro Hairdressing Salon

Festival Hair Ideas For Afro HairBraids are still the hottest hairstyles for summer festivals! Wear a bohemian look with some messy braids, fishtails or plaits. For a more fashionable look, wear your braids low to the side or add some micro braids.

Festival Hair with Hats, Flowers & Jewels

Festival Hair Ideas For Afro HairWear an instant festival look with a free-spirited hairstyle and add some summer hair accessories like flowers, headbands, hair clips and headpieces.

The summer sunshine and heat from dancing and partying can leave your hair greasy after a few days into the season. Cover your hair up with some beautiful scarfs or hats to keep it protected, whilst being stylish.