What Proteins Do for Afro Hair

All You Need to Know About Proteins by Junior Green Hair Salon, Kensington

What Proteins Do for Afro HairAfro curly hair has a more difficult journey when compared to straight hair, and keeping it healthy requires a slightly different hair care maintenance plan.  With all the information online regarding the do’s and don’ts getting healthy hair, it can be confusing understanding how to look after Afro Curly hair. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. At Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington, our skilled hair stylists are experts in Afro hair.  We offer wonderful protein treatments to get your natural hair back into shape. Continue reading more to find out about what proteins do for natural hair.

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What Are Proteins Important Afro Curly Hair?

Essentially your hair is protein! The majority of hair is made of a protein, therefore giving hair structure and helping it grow longer and stronger. 

Proteins are important as they work by penetrating both the exterior and interior of the hair shaft thus giving strength to hair. This deep penetration aids with strengthening the hair and reducing any weakness caused by environmental stressors, chemical treatments etc. 

In addition to protein, hair is also made up of moisture, but when there is a lack of protein, the water molecules have nothing to bind on. The amount of moisture retained by your hair is dependent on the amount of protein. 


Different Kinds Of Proteins:

Different proteins also have different effects on the hair so which one do you need? . Although protein-rich products are beneficial for every hair texture, several factors determine which one to use, including the type of protein (keratin, silk, etc.), the intensity of the protein treatment, the current condition of the hair and how often it’s applied. The list below explains a bit more about how different proteins act differently on your hair

Keratin Protein – These keep the hair strong by mending hair strands which have been broken down by heat and chemical damage. This is the strongest of proteins that comes in a form of Hydrolysed Keratin.

Wheat Proteins – These are moisturising proteins and are water soluble. strengthens hair and increases the level of moisture received into the hair

Collagen Proteins – This protein is responsible for increasing your hair’s elasticity. 

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein: Derived from one of the strongest natural fibers in the world, this protein forms a cystalline protective barrier on strands. It also improves hair’s elasticity, resiliency, increases shine.

Soy Protein – Water soluble, repairs hair strands and adds shine.

Vegetable Protein – Absorbs into hair and does not create build up. Adds shine and leaves hair healthy.

Milk Protein – Derived from milk, high in lactic acid containing 8 essential amino acids. Has been labeled the most perfect protein. Great for dry or damaged hair.

Animal Protein – Breaks down into fatty acids which can create build up.

Silk Amino Acids/Protein – Penetrates hair deeper than all other proteins. Adds no extra weight and doesn’t leave build up or a greasy feel.

How To Tell If Your Afro Hair Needs A Keratin Protein Treatment?

How often you apply a keratin treatment to your hair will depend on what your individual habits are. If your hair is damaged, chemically treated, consistently manipulated and thermally compromised it will most likely be in need of a keratin treatment.

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To book yourself in for a hair strengthening protein treatment or to find out more about which treatment will best for your hair book an appointment by calling us on 0207 752 0620.