Top Hair Colour Trends For Afro & Mixed Race Hair

The Top Hair Colour Trends For Black Women at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington

We change our hair colour for many reasons, perhaps you want a hair colour that accentuates your skin tone and eye colour, or perhaps you want to make a bold statement by changing your look. If you’ve been longing to colour your afro or multi-textured hair, now is the perfect time! At Junior Green Afro Hair Salon in Kensington we can create sensational hair colours for black women that will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. 

The Best Hair Colours For Black Women Near Me


Notting Hill




Shepherds Bush

It is important to see a professional hair colour expert at Junior Green Hair Salon, particularly if your hair has previously been chemically processed. We can assess the current condition of your hair and make a plan to colour your afro or mixed race hair, without compromising the health of your hair.

Please note : If you are having a permanent hair colour you will require a skin patch test 48 hours prior to service.   

Blonde Hair Colour for Mixed Race & Afro Hair

You should always visit a professional hair colour expert if you want to transform your naturally dark hair to lighter blonde. Your hair will  need to be stripped entirely of all colour and then toned to a light blonde shade, which if not carried out by a professional, could be disastrous for your hair!

If you don’t want to take the plunge with a silvery blonde hair colour, golden or honey blonde highlights can add warmth to your hair colour in a subtle way. 

Rich Brown Hair Colours for Black Women 

If you feel your naturally dark hair colour is looking a little bland, but you do not want a drastic hair colour transformation, why not pep up your hair colour with a rich brown, black or chestnut hair colour? This can add interest to your natural hair colour in a subtle manner whilst giving it a glossy boost!

Copper & Red Hair Colours For Afro Hair

Red and copper hair colours will add warmth and interest to your natural hair colour. You can choose from a vivid, all over red hair colour, or ask your Junior Green hair colour expert to weave flashes of copper, red or auburn highlights throughout your hair to add beautiful multi-dimensional hair colour.

Fashion Hair Colours for Black Women

Because afro and mixed race hair colour tends to be naturally dark, you will find that stronger fashion colours work better than lighter pastel colours.  Pinks, purples and blues looks great if you want to turn heads when you enter a room!  Ombre hair colour or balayage continues to be a big trend so we can also create this ‘two-tone’ look to stylish effect. Don’t forget that to get a bright hair colour, your hair will need to be lightened considerably, so we would need to ensure that the condition of your hair is not compromised.

Hair Colour Maintenance at Top Afro Hair Salon in London

The lighter your hair colour, the more maintenance it will require.  We would recommend you visit our Kensington hair salon every three to four weeks so we can cover any root regrowth. Permanent hair colour also tends to dry out your hair a little so we can recommend the right treatments and products that will keep your hair looking glossy and moisturised and the colour looking vibrant.

If you are not sure that you will be able to keep up maintenance of your hair colour you could consider a semi-permanent hair colour. 

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