The Benefits Of A Weave

Find Out Why You Should Have a Weave at Junior Green Afro Hairdressers in Kensington

blow dry offer for black african women at junior green hair salon in kensington, londonJunior Green Salon is a leading hair extension specialist for Afro and multi-textured hair, offering a full range of hair extension and weave services from our award-winning Kensington hair salon.

We use quality and long-lasting hair extensions for Afro hair that look and feel natural and are easy to wear.

Our hair extension services include clip-in hair extensions for Afro hair, pre-bonded Afro hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions for Afro hair and much more. 

Our award-winning black hair stylists are qualified and trained to fit all types of weaves and you can even bring in your own hair extensions, if you wish. 

For more help on choosing hair extensions, give us a call on 020 7752 0620.

The Benefits Of Having A Weave

Whether your own hair is relaxed or natural, wearing a weave is a discreet way of adding more hair. The weaving technique involves sewing wefted hair extensions into your natural hair once it has been carefully braided into tracks.

Weaves come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Weaves with curls
  • Weaves with straight hair
  • Weaves will all colours of hair, even fashion colours
  • Weaves with balayage and ombre colours.

Weaves can add length and volume:

Weaves can add length where you want it, and volume where you need it.  Weaves can conceal thinning areas or areas where you hair doesn’t grow.  Weaves can take your style from short to long, giving you the flexibility to change your style without waiting for your hair to grow.  

Weaves are easy to manage:

Weaves are fitted without any heat or glue.  We expertly sew in your weave which means there is no damage to your natural hair. Once fitted, you are free to style your hair exactly as you would your own hair. Wash and style your hair as you normally would. 

Weaves can you you to grow your hair:

Many people have difficulty growing their own natural hair.  Others like to give their hair a brake from chemical straightening and give it a rest with a protective style.  With a weave in place, your hair is secured in place and your natural hair will grow beneath it. 

If you’re thinking about a weave or sew-in hair extensions, you’ve come to the right place.  We have the expertise and the access to the widest selection of hair.  And we’re masters at blending in your weave with your natural hair so no one will even know you’re wearing one!