Relaxing Head Massages & The Best Products

Relaxing Head Massages at Kensington’s Top Hair Salon for Women with Black & Afro Hair

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Junior Green

Did you know that we offer massages to all our clients as part of their experience while they are having their hair shampooed at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington?  It’s all part of making you feel valued.

We always check first that they you would like a massage, as some clients prefer not to have one, but most clients love them. We use a gentle moisturising conditioning treatment with the massage, which is good for hydrating hair and scalp, while the massage helps you relax and enjoy your appointment even more.

While at the backwash we will talk through the products we are using, unless we know you prefer to relax in silence while having your hair washed, or getting a treatment.

It’s about tailoring the experience to the individual client at London’s top afro hair salon.

The Best Products for Afro Hair

In terms of products, when shampooing hair, we opt for products that are oil based rather than water based. Water-based products have a tendency to dry outaAfro hair, while oil-based products are great for nourishing and hydrating the hair and scalp.

We offer a range of special backwash treatments at Junior Green including Intense Moisture treatments from Design Essentials and the Keracare Reconstructor treatment from Avlon, which is great for repairing weak or damaged hair – this is our most popular backwash treatment.