2017 Afro Hair Ideas

2017 Afro Hair Styles & Colours at Junior Green Afro Hair Specialists in Kensington, London

Re-invent your hairstyle during 2017 by treating yourself to a gorgeous new hair style or colour at Junior Green Hairdressers in Kensington, London.  Junior Green Salon is one of the best Afro hairdressing salons in London offering expert hairdressing services for women with Afro and multi-textured hair.  

Cornrows & Plaited Hairstyles for Afro Hair

braided afro hairCornrows and plaited hairstyles remain a versatile and popular look and are a great way of keeping afro hair neat and pretty at the same time!


It takes time, skill and patience to create a full head of cornrows, so why not let the afro hair specialists at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington create a gorgeous plaited hairstyle for you?


One word of advice … give your hair a break from tight cornrows, weaves and braids every few months.  Tight plaiting which causes tension is a major cause of hair loss for people with afro hair.  While it’s likely your hair will regrow, it may become weak over time.  It’s worth looking after your hair and scalp by wearing your hair loose and natural sometimes too.


If you have permed or chemically processed Afro hair, we can revitalise it with a moisturising and deep conditioning treatment for afro hair designed to infuse the hair with moisture leaving it soft and manageable. 


The 2017 Trend for Natural Afro Hairstyles

natural afro hair at junior green hair salon, kensingtonCelebrities and catwalk models have been leading the way when it comes to natural hair.


If you want to take a break from the relaxers and perms, let the afro hair experts at Junior Green Salon in Kensington help with your look.  


We can give you advice on the best way to grow out your hair to give you a healthy, natural afro hairstyle




Short Afro Hair Cuts at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington

junior green afro hairdressersShort hair continues to be a popular choice for women.  


We are experts in cutting and styling naturally curly black hair so let us work our magic and give you a short hairstyle that suits you.  


To give it added interest, why not ask your Junior Green Salon hair colour specialist to suggest a new hair colour. 



 Red Hair Colours for Women with Afro & Multi-Textured Hair

JG_38Copper highlights on afro hair look sensational and can really brighten up an afro hairstyle.


If you are looking for a slightly bolder hair colour, consider burgundy, auburn or red highlights – a fantastic way to give your curls that extra life and swag! 





Book Your Afro Hair Cut or Colour at Junior Green Hairdressing Salon in Kensington Church Street  

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