Valentine’s Day Hair Colours

Valentine’s Day Hair Colours

Hot Hair Colours For Valentine’s Day at Junior Green Afro Hair Salon in Kensington

afro hair colour correction, junior green hairdressing salon, kensington, londonRomance is in the air as Valentine’s day approaches, and if you are after new romantic look, why not treat yourself to some new hip hair colour? Romantic hair colours include bold red hair colour, light pastel hair colours and the beautiful blonde hair colours. At our afro hair salon in Kensington, we strive to create lovely hair colours and achieving the quality result is our ultimate goal.

Our hair colour experts have the expertise needed to create gorgeous, personalised hair colours making use of the latest hair colour techniques. If you’re new to hair colour, remember that you will require a quick patch test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.

Hot Hair Colour #1:  Red Hair

If red is on your list of hair colours to try out, but you are hunting for something more subtle looking, opt for red highlights to give your hair a shiny and natural look. There are few other red hairs that are ideal for summer, they include the plum, burgundy and the copper hair colours. Book an appointment with West London afro hair salon to get a copper hair colour.

Hot Hair Colour #1:  Blonde Hair afro hair salon, south west london

Blonde is a dultry hair colour for a romantic night out. It can look great on all skin tones and comes with many variations. Darker skin tones tend to look great with honey blonde hair, but platinum blonde and ice white hair colours are great to experiment with. At our Kensington afro hair salon, we exploit different hair colour techniques to achieve a faultless blonde look.

Hot Hair Colour #3:  Natural Looking Balayage

Balayage is a common favourite for romantics, especially when in need of a sun-kissed hair colour that looks natural. For your Valentine’s look, you can rock any of these trendy hair colours: Copper balayage, pastel pink balayage, ombre and sun-kissed blonde balayage.

Hot Hair Colour #4:  Pink Hair

Pink and purple hair colours are trending this year! You can do no wrong rocking a bright and light pastel hair colours this Valentine’s Day. Soft and romantic lilac tones is recommended, and can also try the pastel pink colours. These shades hair colour suits all skin tones and our colour technicians are experts at creating them.

If you’ve seen a colour you fancy, make sure you show it to your colour technician at our hair salon to ensure we get your colour spot on for Valentine’s Day!