Love Island – All About The Weave!

Obsessed With Love Island?  The Afro Hair Specialists at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington Give The Lowdown On Samira’s Weave

While the rest of the nation is talking about the various couplings on TV’s Love Island, the team here at our black & afro hair salon in Kensington, west London, are all talking about Samira’s weave.

Love Island & Samira Mighty’s Long-Lasting Weave 

How did she do it?  Just how did Samira Mighty manage to get her weave to last for nearly six weeks in the sun!? The truth is that a weave does not mix well with the heat or water… which is why none of us can recall seeing Samira in the villa pool.  Samira left her own hair around the hairline which she then had to blend in with her hair extensions to give a smooth appearance.  All that heat, plus the scorching sun, would have been incredibly unkind to Samira’s hair  While Samira left the villa of her own accord to be with her new love, Frankie, we also can’t help but wonder if it’s because her hair couldn’t take the heat!

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Hair Weave Advice from Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington, West London

  • Always detangle the hair with a Tangle Teezer when getting your weave wet (use a detangling leave-in conditioner)
  • Avoid excess heat  
  • Tie your weave with a silk scarf when you sleep 
  • Make sure the cornrows under the weave are completely dry after you have shampooed your weave 
  • Don’t shampoo your weave too frequently – once a week to every two weeks is fine. For best results, have a professional blow dry at Junior Green
  • Get your weave tightened at Junior Green on a regular basis
  • For an even colour, have your weave coloured professionally at your favourite Kensington hair salon (do not do it yourself at home)
  • Don’t wear your weave for longer than 8 weeks, as this will cause damage to your own hair, particularly around the hair line
  • When you take your weave out, have regular conditioning treatments at Junior Green.

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