Caring For Mixed Heritage Hair

Caring for Your Child’s Mixed Heritage Hair at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington

mixed heritage hair tips, top afro hair salon in kensington, londonFor many parents, caring for the hair of their mixed-heritage child can be a real challenge. Mixed heritage hair has its own set of needs and definite do’s and don’ts which not all parents will be aware of.

Here are a few tips that will help you care for your child’s mixed heritage hair needs.

·         Mixed heritage hair needs to be moisturised and nourished even more than European hair, so a conditioning regime is a must. Look for conditioners with moisturising ingredients, such as shea butter and almond oil, and try a combination of deep conditioning treatments, rinse out conditioners and leave in conditioners. Avoid water-based products and opt for oil-based formulations, which will prove more effective on curly hair. Also avoid products containing alcohol, which will dry out the hair.

·         Avoid brushing curly mixed-heritage hair, it will just cause matting and knotting and prove a thoroughly unpleasant experience for the child and the parent. Always opt for a comb, and only ever when the hair is wet.

·         Oils are a great way to help keep in the moisture that you’ve added through conditioning, and can also ensure the hair looks shiny and healthy. Different hair reacts better to different oils so it can be a case of trial and error. There’s a huge range to choose from, including coconut oil, almond oil and macadamia oil. Don’t apply any of these too excessively, as they can weigh hair down. Start with an amount the size of a 50p piece and then apply a bit more if necessary.

·         Mixed-heritage hair can be more prone to breakage, so creating a protective style for your child’s hair is vital to maintaining its condition and health. I advise keeping the hair in two plaits. It’s a style that’s relatively easy to create and maintain and it will help protect the hair. It’s particularly important to ensure the hair is protected in this way at night, otherwise it will be unmanageable the next day!

·         Avoid over-washing mixed heritage hair. I’d advise one wash a week to avoid drying the hair out and would suggest always using a shampoo with moisturising properties.