Advice For Children Visiting The Hairdressers!

Caring for the Afro and Mixed Heritage Hair Needs of Young Clients at Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington

Award-winning hairdresser for women with afro hair - junior green in KensingtonYoung clients are the future of any salon business and usually need just as much, if not more, care and attention than our adult clients.

Children with Afro or mixed-heritage hair, have some very specific needs. 

Multi-award-winning salon owner and Afro hair specialist, Junior Green, offers advice on looking after our young black and mixed-heritage clients.

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Afro Hair Maintenance is Important for Children

The challenge for us with our younger clients is ensuring they understand the importance of maintaining their natural or relaxed hair. We have to educate them, or their parents, on how to use the products we recommend for home care, while ensuring we are sensitive to their concerns.

Young clients at Junior Green afro hairdressers in Kensington can be very sensitive about their hair, so we have to make them comfortable and give them reassurance that they are never a problem and there is always a solution. It is always good to introduce them to a routine. Getting them to come in every 2-3 weeks for regular treatments and getting rid of split ends if needed.

Keep Children Calm During Hair Salon Visits

With very young clients, longer treatments represent other challenges. Children can get restless, especially when it’s their first time in a salon and they have to sit still for a long time. We normally give them a colourful gown, a sweet, or let them have access to an iPad so they can watch their favourite cartoon. Because they get so engrossed with the iPad we can finish the hair service before they become restless.

The Importance of the Right Hair Products for Children

The type of products that we use on young clients’ hair is very important. There are so many out there and not every product is going to give the hair the nutrients it really needs. Here at Junior Green we would suggest products that offer moisture, such as moisturising detangling shampoo and conditioner, a leave-in conditioning serum and a daily moisturiser.

Hairstyles for Children with Afro or Mixed-Heritage Hair

Certain styles can also be good for younger Afro or mixed-heritage hair, but it’s all down to the technique used to create them. For example, cornrows, single plaits and twists are protective styles, but only if executed carefully. Braiding too tight, leaving the braids in too long or doing them too often can cause damage to the hair.

Book Your Child in to Junior Green Hair Salon in Kensington

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